patch strips - aloes

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Bamboo strips with aloes are designed for adventure lovers. 

Patches are made of 100% organic bamboo fibre, gauze is enriched with aloe vera extract, which helps to repair and soothe burns, blisters and minor abrasions. 

PATCH does not contain any irritating chemicals, thus providing adequate protection and soft support for all sensitive skin types. 

Number of pieces in one tube: 25 strips 

Bamboo slices with aloe vera are hypoallergenic and ideal for sensitive skin. Made of soft organic bamboo fibre, the gauze is enriched with aloe vera extract and hypoallergenic adhesive (PSA). 

The PSA formula is made from a combination of natural minerals and Nanotechnology (tiny suction cups), which gently adhere to the skin without causing any reaction. 

Aloe vera contains two strong natural compounds (polysaccharides and glycoproteins), which help to heal wounds, soothe burns and blisters. 

  • perfect for sensitive skin
  • 100% natural bamboo fibres
  • easy to remove
  • vegan-friendly
  • hypoallergenic
  • 100% compostable
  • no plastics and chemicals



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