We cheer for all children: the explorers, the curious ones, the brave ones, the dreamers and the artists. We wish to let kids be kids, to support them in developing their personality and passions. We believe in a true childhood spent actively close to nature. It is our mission to discover it together with the little ones, so that they can enjoy it. We promise to arouse children's creativity and curiosity about the world. To us life is a continuous adventure, you never know when something exciting can happen!

Together with you we wish to create The Real Childhood Story, which is equally full of love and happiness, but also some chaos and messiness in everyday life with our little ones ;)

Happymess is a children’s brand created by the mother of a joyful little girl. It has become her passion to make products that are close to nature, beautiful, practical and fun. With the great support of talented designers duo, she had a chance to make her dream of creating this unusual brand come true. Our products are designed in the way they can be used by children for a few years and will work in various circumstances - at home and on while traveling. We are glad that we can offer you items that are functional, yet aesthetic and made with great attention to every detail.

Our mission is to create products that are both kids and environmentally friendly. For us, this means using only natural and organic materials at every stage of production. Whenever possible, we use the highest quality fabrics certified by GOTS. It is currently the most restrictive certificate regulating ecological and social standards in the production of fabrics. We use natural sheep wool to fill our sleeping bags and pillows. Our products are sewn in Poland and in the other EU countries, supporting traditional manufactories.


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